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Welcome to French Breathalyzers, dedicated
to NF approved Breathalyzers for use
under the new French Breathalyzer law.

There is already a fair amount of confusion over what is required by the new Breathalyzer law that came into force last July. Hopefully we can help answer you questions and supply you with whatever best suits your needs.

What do I need to carry?
You need to carry a French NF-Approved Digital Breathalyzer or Breathalyzer Kit. A Disposable Breathalyzer Kit is the cheapest solution at £ inc VAT (or save 20% and buy a pack of 5 for £ inc VAT; shipping is also available FREE on the 5 pack). The French Police are suggesting vehicles carry at least two, so that if one is used to check the driver, a second remains for inspection but the law requires either an NF Approved digital breathalyzer or one unused breathalyzer kit.

What IS "NF" approval?
French NF Logo
The NF approval process is run by the LNE for the French Government.  Only kits that carry the NF logo are Genuine NF kits - they are also issued with a certificate (like this one) and are listed on the French LNE website here.

If you buy a kit without the NF Logo, it is NOT NF approved!  Unfortunately there are a number of suppliers using phrases such as "tested in accordance with NFX 702" etc.  It's a bit like saying your car "has been tested in accordance" with the MOT - even though it failed the test.  No Certificate = No Logo = Not Approved!

If the Police think I've been drinking, will I have to use my kit or will the Police use their own Breathalyzer to test me?
NO. The Gendarme will NOT ask you to use your own kit - you simply have to carry a kit in the car, the same as you need to carry a Hi Vis Jacket & Warning Triangle.

Digital (ie reusable) Breathalyzers
At present there are very few low-cost NF Digital Breathalyzers as the majority that have approvals are full Police-Spec devices. At present we are the only UK supplier of NF approved Digital Breathalyzers; we currently have two (to be joined shortly by a third) that are supplied with the necessary certification.

What if I don't drink?
Sadly, while your liver will appreciate your abstinence the Gendarme won't be interested.  EVERY vehicle must carry at least ONE approved Breathalyzer Kit or Digital Breathalyzer - but you don't have to use it!

Are the Kits available in Bulk for commercial use or Retail Sale?
Yes they are - complete a request for a quotation here.

Where can I buy a kit?
You can order them from us online - just click the buttons above.

French Gendarme Breathalyzer Check

How do I spot fake kits that arn't NF Approved?
To be approved it MUST have a bag to blow into and it MUST have the NF logo on the packaging like this

Contralco Breathalyzer Test Kit

Has this law actually been passed, or is it still just a proposal?

The Law came into effect on the 1st July 2012.  The implementation of the fines has been delayed until March 1st 2013 but the regulations requiring them to be carried has already been implemented.

Click here to view and English Translation of  the actual Decree


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